Digital media buying to increase event attendance.
We are the add-on to your current marketing efforts.
Highly Targeted
Audience Reached
Events Helped
$5+ Million
in Ticket Sales
Fill the Room

Will your marketing efforts be in vain if your event attendance is anything less than at full capacity?

Our digital media buying solutions are measurable, performance-driven and solely aimed at filling the room with relevant people at your next event.

Not sure if your marketing works?

50% of attendees register in the last 4 weeks leading up to an event. So how do you know if your marketing efforts are adequate?

Orion’s advanced tracking & analytics solutions that provide measurable insights, forecast total event attendance, and help in redundancy planning to ensure the event attendance is at full capacity.

Focus Your Time & Energy

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax." - Abraham Lincoln

Let us sharpen the ax in all things digital media buying and execute your campaigns with high levels of efficiency and positive returns.


But why has organic reach come to this point?
  • Facebook organic reach has never been lower, and it’s in free fall.
  • Instagram is following it’s parent’s footsteps (Facebook owns Instagram)
  • Google Search has never had more ads on page one of their results
  • Distrust in PR & media publications has never been higher


By implementing strategic marketing campaigns that increase event registrations

Results that provide a positive return on your marketing investment.

Identify your customers and find more of them.

Engage your customers at multiple touch points along their journey

Preserve your brand with safe digital advertising practices

Know which channels are contributing to bringing more attendees

Acquire insights to propel your event registrations


Who we are

We're a team of growth hackers, brand builders, and event specialists who have come together to provide perspective and a full funnel service that complement traditional marketing techniques to increase attendance of your events and fill them up with your ideal target audience.

Our philosophy

Orion exists to empower events, entrepreneurs and brands around the world, so that they may have the ability to cultivate the freedom we all desire and put their energy on the work that makes the most impact. Usually that means letting us take care of the marketing and they can focus on everything else!

How we work

It's in our nature to grow. Whether it's our client's conference, a workshop or a street food festival, we trust that our processes will lead to reaching your potential. We do this by leveraging our many years of event marketing experience, out-of-the-box marketing strategies and focusing on data driven insights to bring the right people to your event.

What Clients Say

Happy Clients, is Happy Orion
It was a pleasure working with Orion - from day one they were absolutely reliable and supportive, even with short notice and a tough deadline. With their paid media execution in form of facebook ads, website and email campaigns we archived an incredible turnout for our M-Live Food Market with 19 participating Marriott Hotels in Bangkok. The team at Orion was available almost 24/7, they came up with creative ideas and advertised our event in a lively and exciting way. Their paid media execution attracted many new customers and played a significant role in the success of our event and also for all participating Marriott hotels. We look forward to many upcoming projects.

Nicole Agsten

Working with Orion has been invaluable. Before Orion, I never would have thought that my workout events would attract so many people. Our events are a great lead magnet and people start to recognise the brand. In 2020 I will be throwing more events and Orion will be part of each and every one.


Orion is an easy choice when it comes to event marketing. From the first day we started working with them till today, they have been fully transparent, and implement creative processes to increasing attendee numbers and quality. Their paid media campaigns are super effective and yield low CPAs as well as high relevancy scores on Facebook. We see a long term potential in our partnership and look forward to working with the guys from Orion for our next event in October 2019.

Brian Kang