We generate leads and grow your business through education.
Learn it. Master it. And if you don’t have enough time, we will execute it
Engage with the Right Audiences

Before people buy any product, they go through stages. The biggest potential to sell lies in people who are not really ready to buy just yet!

By leveraging awareness and interest campaigns, you will be able to identify a larger, relevant audience that is highly likely to become fans of your product.

Educate Your Audience

Not sure if your marketing works? Focusing all your efforts on the end goal (ie. sales) can be challenging, hard to predict and unreliable.

What if there was a way to interact with your audiences at an early stage, and reliably predict how likely they are to become customers?

Increase Your Revenue & Profits

Implementing inbound lead generation helps you generate more targeted leads at better prices.

Let us help you win by turning those leads into returning customers.

Our Growfolio.

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How Do We Help Companies Like Yours?

By starting more relevant conversations at scale.

As an add-on to your current marketing efforts, our thought process is simple.

You offer a unique value proposition that people need to experience. You’ve also created powerful content to communicate this value proposition. We complement that by implementing marketing campaigns, funnels and automations to give your marketing efforts that extra push to increase interactions, leads and revenue.

Yea, but what does that mean for me?

What Others Say.

Happy Clients, is Happy Orion
It was a pleasure working with Orion - from day one they were absolutely reliable and supportive, even with short notice and a tough deadline. The team at Orion was available almost 24/7, they came up with creative ideas and advertised our event in a lively and exciting way. The paid media execution played a significant role in the success of our event and also for all participating Marriott hotels. We look forward to many upcoming projects.

Nicole Agsten

Working with Orion has been invaluable. Before Orion, I never would have thought that my workout events would attract so many people. Our events are a great lead magnet and people start to recognise the brand. In 2020 I will be throwing more events and Orion will be part of each and every one.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Orion team over multiple SaaStock events spanning 2019 and 2020. The team is very supportive, knowledgeable when it comes to marketing and events, and have also been able to provide value to us outside of their main areas of expertise


Our engagement with Orion was great. Not only did they handle the digital media buying adequately, but also provided insights and support in other areas which was very helpful for the marketing of our Blockshow Asia 2019 event in Singapore. We look forward to working with Orion again for future events.

Addy Crezee