What is Event Marketing? And What is it For Us.

Event marketing is the promotion of a product, brand, or service through in-person interactions. There are many forms of event marketing and each depends on the specific goals of a company.

Event marketing can be hosting an event to build relationships with prospects and customers. It can also be attending an event as an exhibitor to educate customers on your services. And it can even include digital events such as webinars or live-streamed workshops.

Each of the above examples leverages the power of (recorded) live experiences to achieve business goals. Whatever they may be.

What is event marketing for Orion | An events marketing agency?

There are many marketing agencies in the world. However, there are very few marketing agencies that focus only on events.

In our role as event organizers, we saw a big opportunity to help events where they need it the most…

Most events are great at content creation, social posting, PR and production. What they really lacked was a reliable way to get the word out to the relevant people.

Paid Digital Media that increases event attendance

We are digital media buyers that focus on generating data. After we find the right and engaged audiences we use inbound marketing funnels to turn this data into event attendance.

Do you need more registrations, more exhibitors or more engaged fans for your next event? Schedule a call.

What kind of events do we help?

  • Virtual Events
  • Live Events
  • Webinars
  • Conferences
  • Trade Shows
  • Workshops
  • Digital Summits
  • Digital Courses
  • Food Festivals
  • Music Festivals

Introducing the team

We are the add-on to your current marketing efforts. No replacement for your current team. We created separate teams that can help with various bottlenecks every event has to deal with. We are happy to help.

Meet the team here.