Beyond Blocks, a relatively new brand in the Blockchain/Fintech ecosystem wanted to establish itself as a leading conference in the space by holding events that foster the highest quality networking, on stage content and deals being made. The event itself was doing great in terms of quality of production, but how do you fill the room up with the right people?


This is a classic case of funnel building and implementation. Event tickets, like any other product on the internet, requires a well thought out funnel, with the right type of creative and targeting implementation at each stage of it, to slowly nurture the right audience to the point of purchase. We worked with Beyond Blocks over 3 of their events in one calendar year and the results were astonishing.


When we started working with Beyond Blocks, the Cost Per Acquisition (per ticket sold) was well over $250 of ad spend. Bear in mind that the average ticket sales price was $400 and average cost per attendee to the company was $250. This means that for each ticket sold, they made an average of $400 and spent $500. This is a net loss of $100 per attendee without factoring in other costs. Over the span of the year, with split testing funnels, creatives, targeting and implementing out of the box lead magnet solutions, we were able to bring the CPA down to $100 for the first event, $70 for the second event and $50 for the third event.