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A sold-out event, in an industry going through arguably it’s rougest year since its inception. Blockshow defends their title as the best Blockchain conference of 2019.

Blockshow is one of the most popular, if not the most popular trade show in the blockchain industry. It’s backed by Cointelegraph, the largest news & media company servicing the blockchain and fintech industry.

The Challenge

2019 was a rough year for the industry as a whole. With the falling price of bitcoin, events were struggling to generate interest, let alone actual attendees. The challenge for Orion was simple in concept, but difficult to achieve. How do you generate enough interest for a conference, when everyone in the industry was in defensive mode and cutting spend on their marketing & events budgets?

The Approach

Blockshow is known to create beautiful and informative content. However, with the crunch in the industry, the ineffectiveness of older tactics which proved to be so effective the year before, the response 3 months before the event was unsatisfactory.

So how did we change that around?

Great content is only as good as the eyes that see the content. With our advanced audience analysis, targeting implementations and social media channel hacks, we were able to create a multi-channel funnel focused on generating ticket sales and registrations, while other events were struggling.

Some of the top implementations include:

  • Brand bidding on competitor keywords to take away market share from competitors
  • An automated approach to nurturing prospects over a long period of time to convince them to attend the event
  • Email marketing tactics to improve open and click rates with relevant content
  • A content-driven approach with strategic lead magnets which were relevant to gathering leads even during a tough industry period

The Results

Orion’s implementations, on the back of some heavy-lifting from the Blockshow team’s ability to create amazing content, we were able to sell out a 2000 person venue. (3,000 people attended over the span of 2 days)


Spent on Digital Media Buying

Across Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Programatic & Native Advertising



Sold-out event 2 days prior to event date


Ticket Sales Revenue

During a testing-time for the industry

Addy Blockshow

Happy Clients, is Happy Orion
Our engagement with Orion was great. Not only did they handle the digital media buying adequately, but also provided insights and support in other areas which was very helpful for the marketing of our Blockshow Asia 2019 event in Singapore. We look forward to working with Orion again for future events.

Addy Crezee