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Using Orion’s 11-Step Lead Generation System, acquired 100s of highly-targeted leads resulting in $120,000 revenue in 120 days.

Blue Eyes, combines the operational expertise and implementation performance to help advise, measure, and optimize brands’ Amazon sales channel.  Blue Eyes was recently founded at the end of 2019 and is ready to take over the amazon e-commerce world.

The Challenge

The owners of Blue Eyes have exceptional experience in the Amazon e-commerce space, however their brand is new. They are placed in a highly saturated market with cut-throat competition, and found it difficult to differentiate their service and translate that differentiation into their online messaging to get more customers.

The Approach

Blue Eyes was one of the first clients where we implemented our 11-Step Lead Generation System. The system was created after analyzing years of data, experience and learnings which we had gathered while conducting lead generation for various niches.

The system approaches lead generation in a systematic way, which has been proven to work regardless of the niche or size of the client. The 11 part system revolves around these areas of implementation


  • Audience Research
  • Persona Creation
  • Offer creation
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Video & Image production 
  • Copywriting & Messaging Formation
  • Simple but Insightful Tracking & Analytics Setup
  • Automated sales follow up and nurturing

The Results

Our proven lead generation system helped Blue Eyes to enter the market with a bang and quickly establish themselves as a Dutch leader in Amazon e-commerce consulting.


Highly qualified leads

at $50 CPL



AOV of $8,000 USD


Return on Ad Spend

With $20,000 in Marketing expenditure