The first and only dedicated bone broth café in Asia based out of Bangkok, Thailand. Growing the brand in such a niche market is a daunting task. With little brand awareness, an untested market and a completely new idea, this client was perfect for our event marketing solution.


Orion suggested to focus all of our marketing budget and efforts into promoting a grand opening event for Genius Bar. But why would someone attend a grand opening event for a cafe like this one? The answer was simple, Free Food Offer. Everybody loves free stuff and this is what we built our whole marketing effort around. A funnel strategy including Facebook ads, Retargeting, a full tracking and analytics setup to be able to effectively see the results of the campaign and a free food lead magnet offer was set up.


The result was a robust marketing strategy with most of its aspects automated so that the owners of the store can focus on the in-store experience itself. We were able to get 300 people to come to attend the store on grand opening day, and although the pull was free food, we were still able to return with a positive ROI due to upsells and multiple products being bought by the 300 people.