A leading fintech, blockchain and finance conference in Korea required a marketing agency to help with reaching out to an international audience of professionals, to fly into Korea and network with local giants in the industry. They required a full service digital marketing agency with experience in events to provide support and lead a 360 degree marketing strategy.


To build out a full marketing strategy focused on bringing the leading fintech companies from all over the globe, to come to Korea and connect the two worlds. The strategy revolves around a full fledged tracking & analytics solution implementation, followed by paid advertising on various channels including Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. On the back end, we helped them set up marketing automation and email sequences with rich content focused on the ticket sales.


In 2018, we were able to help bring 4000 people (1500 paid tickets) to Seoul, Korea for the week long event and helped sell tickets at a CPA of $60. With each ticket sale averaging out to be $500, this was a very good CPA and resulted in Orion being retained as their agency of choice for the October 2019 event.