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How we transformed a fading annual Marriott event, into a thriving, 3 times-a-year success story using Facebook & Email marketing

There are 19 5-star hotels in Bangkok operating under the Marriott Bonvoy name. Each of these hotels has amazing restaurants popular amongst tourists and business travelers from all over the world. Marriott came up with an idea to improve its marketing strategy to bring more local Bangkokians to its restaurants. Orion was brought on to execute the marketing & lead generation efforts for this event.

The Challenge

With the event less than 6 weeks away, the odds were against us. The main challenges involved with the execution of the marketing for Marriott involved getting a website up and running within a couple of days, choosing which channels would be most effective in getting results fast, and making sure that people actually showed up on the day of the event.

The Approach

When dealing with short timeliness, the execution needs to be swift and effective. Within a couple of short & sweet meetings with the marketing team at Marriott, we were able to draft an overall marketing strategy including targeting, lead capture, nurturing. No long meetings or delays. This was followed by an actionable list of items and we were underway.


Based on demographic choices, and the nature of the product (Food Festival) we believed a more visual, and social approach to marketing was the way to go. Enter Facebook, Instagram, and Email Marketing.

The process:

  • Create enticing graphics and videos to portray the look & feel of the food festival
  • Use Facebook & Instagram as a tool to get the word out to relevant foodies and attendees at SCALE!
  • Leverage email marketing automation over a span of 4 weeks to nurture & convince potential attendees about the benefits of attending the event.

The Results

A three day jam packed event, smiling attendees and organizers. The stats you can find down here.



Confirmed leads that showed interest over several touch points


Cost per Lead (CPL)

Decrease of 400% compared to the last event



Far exceeding expectations & thus resulting in the birth of 2 more events that year

What Marriott Thought

Happy Clients, is Happy Orion
It was a pleasure working with Orion - from day one they were absolutely reliable and supportive, even with short notice and a tough deadline. The team at Orion was available almost 24/7, they came up with creative ideas and advertised our event in a lively and exciting way. The paid media execution played a significant role in the success of our event and also for all participating Marriott hotels. We look forward to many upcoming projects.

Nicole Agsten