As one of the leading conferences in the world, SaaStock made an ambitious growth plan in 2019 to expand its presence in 5 continents around the world. Orion was tasked with heading up the digital media buying to power this expansion. Following a successful first engagement, we renewed our agreement with SaaStock for the full year of 2020 and continue to power this expansion!


Orion implemented a multi-channel tracking and analytics solution, launched campaigns across various different platforms including Google, Facebook, Native Ads, Linkedin and Bing. Leveraging the powerful content created by the SaaStock team, and using out-of-the-box audience-building techniques, Orion was able to create a system to bring new audiences to the top of the funnel and move them along to ultimately buy tickets to the conference. In 2020, we are implementing further solutions to increase the effectiveness of rich content and utilizing marketing automation to increase sales.


With a successful 2019 now behind us, we are back to the drawing board. The first conference of 2020 is coming up in May and we will be sure to update the results regularly in this section. Until then, strategy and future success planning is the focus!