A young and aspiring personal trainer and fitness fanatic looking to build a new workout in Amsterdam. The goal was to build a campaign that would generate leads and attract interested people to the first public workout event.


First and foremost, Orion’s out of the box & detailed targeting research helped identify the correct group of people most likely to be interested in such an event. The Orion team then created a funnel with a dedicated sales page, a trailer video, email and push notifications. This funnel was run with the help of a lead magnet complemented by  Facebook and Instagram ads.


The budget for such an event is smaller than our ideal client, but we were still happy to help YourGoals reach their dream of throwing a packed grand opening event. Orion’s marketing efforts resulted in a new email list of 940 confirmed leads & 740 push notification subscribers which we used to confirm attendance closer to the event date. The best part, this whole funnel was fully automated and therefore after launching, the only maintenance work was Conversion Rate Optimization and minor split testing of ads. Naturally, the client and our team was super happy with the success of this implementation. The Motto of this story is: Automations are nice and email marketing is NOT DEAD!