How to Create Marketing HTML email for Dummies

Many marketers today find themselves as the lone wolf when it comes to all marketing operations including creating email templates that are responsive. Many also have zero coding experience. If you are one of those marketers, this guide is for you.

Here is a step by step process of building a responsive email in HTML for non coders.

Step 1: Sign up for Beefree
Beefree is a simple and easy to use email builder, intuitive, and you can also get a free trial to start things off.

Step 2: Either start from scratch or chose one of their built in templates as a base and go from there.

Step 3: Start editing and adding/removing your own images or creatives.
The beauty of Beefree lies in its simplicity and the plathora of options available to you in terms of changes you can make. You can easily play around with the following with ease:


Format of email





Add buttons

Add Social media icons with many design options


Step 4: Connect your Beefree account to your ESP.
You can connect to programs like Mailchimp and Hubspot seamlessly and export your created templates directly there.

Step 5: Don’t have any of the integratable ESPs as your first choice?
Don’t worry, you can also just simply export the HTML format.



Pro Tip: Beefree allows you to host and deliver images using their own system. This is extremely helpful for companies that do not have dedicated servers to deliver images and the pricing is very fair on this. (10 GB of free image deliver per month followed by a negligible amount for every extra GB)