Funnel Building

A marketing funnel is basically your customer’s journey. This is inclusive of the moment your potential customer learns about you for the first time (awareness), to the touch points needed to make them more inclined to buy (nurturing) to the moment that they make a purchase.

Why is it important?

Many marketers approach to marketing is more like a fluke or guess work. Great marketers focus on funnels because they understand the importance of approaching marketing like a science. Mapping out customer journeys is essential in this approach. Improving them as you go along is even more important.

How we do it?

Years of event marketing experience has helped our team come up with tried and tested event marketing funnels which work, regardless of industry, size or type of event. We map out every possible journey your attendee might take into successfully converting, implement a scientific and thought out approach to it, split test and come up with the right funnel to scale with. This results in a large number of conversions at as low a CPA as possible.