Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the use of software to help automate repetitive marketing tasks in order to help nurture leads, improve conversion rate and ultimately increase the number and quality of attendees at your event.

Why is it important?

  • Reduce Staffing costs – By using marketing automation, one person on the marketing & sales team can be as effective as 10. This can be done by setting up lead nurturing and marketing campaigns to be triggered based on certain criteria.
  • Less repetition = more creativity – By taking away the repetitive tasks, naturally your brain can be applied towards more creative tasks and therefore increasing your event’s revenue potential, exponentially.

How we do it?

Orion helps you set up automated chat bot sequences, database building, email marketing, follow up sequences and highly targeted automated content funnels to help nurture leads, increase the LTV value of current customers and make more ticket sales at smaller ad spends.